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Snoring is an all-too-common problem. While a bout of snoring here and there probably isn’t a cause for concern, if you snore most nights or deal with loud, disruptive snoring this could be impacting your sleep and your health. This could also be a warning sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Fortunately, our Denver, CO, dentist Dr. Steven Wilk is a pro when it comes to treating both snoring and OSA.

Sure, you could be dealing with snoring because you have sinus problems, or it could be a sign of OSA. If so, it can be comforting to know that your very own dentist can also provide you with the care you need to get disordered sleeping under control. Through a thorough evaluation, Dr. Wilk can determine if you’re suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. If you’ve already been diagnosed with OSA by a sleep specialist, you can still turn to our dental team for care.

No matter whether you are simply dealing with snoring or snoring caused by sleep apnea, Dr. Wilk and his Denver team can help. We offer oral appliance therapy to ease your symptoms and to help you get better-quality sleep. We see it all the time! So many chronic snorers also complain of daytime exhaustion, brain fog, and trouble concentrating. Even if your snoring isn’t being caused by sleep apnea, it can still cause you to toss and turn, causing disruptive sleep. This is why snoring should be properly addressed.

Oral appliance therapy allows our patients to take control over the quality of their sleep once more. This oral device rests comfortably over your teeth just like a mouthguard; however, it keeps your tongue in position and also shifts the lower jaw forward to keep airways open. As a result, snoring is greatly reduced or even eliminated.

If you find that your sleep apnea-related snoring also gets better when lying on your side or after losing weight, you may also be a great candidate for this custom oral device. Whether your sleep specialist has told you that you could be a good candidate for an oral appliance, or you’re simply interested in how this device might improve your chronic snoring, our sleep dentist Dr. Wilk has undergone extensive and advanced training to be able to provide these OSA and snoring treatment options to his patients here in Denver.

Stop snoring so that you and everyone else around you can get some sleep.
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