Recommended Sleeping Aids

SnoreLab: Download the app to monitor snoring noise.  It is free to download, or you can upgrade to premium for 4.99/mo.

Cleaning Aids

Encourage Nasal Breathing

  • Somnifix – Only strip specifically designed for mouth taping (beards).
  • 3M Micropore Tape – Easy to dispense when light is low.
  • CPAP Chin Strap – Any chinstrap to encourage nasal breathing. Can find on Amazon or at CPAP supply stores.
  • MUTE – Purchase the trial pack.
  • Nasacort, Flonase, Rhinocort – For decreasing nasal congestion.
  • Xlear Saline Spray – For lubricating the nasal passage.
  • Bongo EPAP– Please ask for a prescription.    

Encourage Side Sleeping:

Other Items Available for Purchase In-Office

  • REMfresh – 2 mg Caplet Melatonin
  • CBD Products:  For sleep, anxiety, pain, energy, and weight control    


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